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Good afternoon friends!
I am pleased to inform the general public and the members of Team Elite that moderator applications are now open for your applications. It should be noted that anyone is allowed to apply, no matter their rank or status within the team. It should also be noted that if you are not a member of Team Elite, you are still allowed to submit your application for moderator.

Before getting started, please note that there is no minimum age for applying for moderator. Once you submit your moderator application, it is sent directly to the administrative team. They will review your application, and then decide if the application is good enough to warrant an interview. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted via the website (non-members) or Slack (members) by a member of the administrative team to let you know of your progress.

Once you come on Teamspeak and complete your interview, the members of the administrative and ownership team will deliberate on your responses. You will receive an answer within the next couple of days. Please do not nag any members of staff about your application, as this will only result in you being removed from the process.
Good luck everyone!

TeamElite has been through quite a lot in the five years that it has been active. We’ve gone through ups, downs, resignations, promotions, changes of leadership, loss of clients, downfalls of communities, and even more. All of these things have helped us become a stronger team and further, a family. No matter the amount of hardships we face, we will stay together and become stronger.

That is why I present to you today,
TeamElite 2017 - A new year, another 12 months of hard work.



Our applications team thoroughly reads through every application ensuring that each of our builders is equipped with the skills to better our team. A standard of excellence is expected in our team's projects and if it is not met, we provide numerous ways to educate and learn from mistakes.

You may read all about applying to our team of skilled builders here.




July 8th, 2012 was the day TeamElite began. Since then, we have had numerous changes in leadership. Currently, we have four Owners of the team that upholds the quality of day to day operations.

Dave (Life855)


Our Head Administrator manages the staff team as well as any documentation needed to maintain the team. They are in charge of public affairs, community management, and also look after the team's accounts on various social networks alongside maintaining the forums and forms of communication our team uses.

Our current Head Administrators are as follows:

Administrator’s main job is to manage the team alongside the management and owners. Their roles include; Public Relations, Technical/Server Operations, Creations, Community Management, and Human...​
Hello everyone,

Recently there’s been a couple of changes to the hierarchy of Team Elite! I have been given the responsibility to be one of the head staff here and bring us all back together as a team. Some of you may or may not know me so I’m going to introduce myself.

My name is Katherine but most people call me by the nickname Kat which is also my in game name. I found out about Team Elite through a server called MCSG back in 2013. I wasn’t involved in Team Elite till around June 2015. Benji is the person who got me involved in the Team. I started off as a VIP who would occasionally help the team with maps when they needed or would just help for the fun of it. In July 2015 I was then given the opportunity to be a member of the team. It was great to be a member of the team because it meant helping on more maps and being around a lovely bunch of people. A couple of months passed and I saw Team Elite Moderator applications were open and I was like oh why not I’ll apply. I ended up applying and making it to the interview stage. I was actually really excited for the interview because interviews were just always exciting and they made me feel slightly nervous. I was then promoted to a Moderator in Team Elite. Being a Moderator here at Team Elite has helped me on my leadership skills and helped me get to know people that I wouldn’t have even thought I would ever be close with. I am so thankful to be given this opportunity to be a Co-Owner of Team Elite. I will work to the best ability I can!